Lars Huijbregts

Hi! I'm Lars Huijbregts!

I'm many things, but mostly I'm an online marketeer from the Netherlands with a <3 for hard data, hot coffee and tinkering together cool stuff (with either resin, wood, words, code, paint or numbers).

I love working in an agile yet structured manner.

Let's work hard, make mistakes, adapt, learn and get shit done!

Data Informs Everything. 'Meten Is Weten'

Gathering, structuring and presenting data makes me get out of bed in the morning. Not everything can be expressed in KPI's and percentages - but you can bet I will try.

"Curiosity" Isn't Just A Mars Rover

I live in a golden age of tools, self-learning, and adaptability - do you? There's a tool, method or program for any type of campaign - let's use it! One of my key habits is to continuously test if all current methods are up to the task: what can be cut, optimized or integrated?

Will Work For Coffee

Got a project that needs a fresh pair of eyes? Need help structuring and - more importantly - measuring your funnels? Stuck in the forest of modern analytics- and online marketing tools? Let's talk about it over a cup of coffee!

Stuff I'm good at

  • Copywriting Both writing and editing texts to make sure Google gives them the appreciation they deserve
  • Websites... in general Having worked for a digital agency for multiple years, I know my way around many a CMS, front- and backend.
  • Social Media Marketing I've worked as social media consultant for multiple companies. Posts, likes, engagement and ads hold no secrets for me!

Stuff I'm good at (and am currently working on to become great at)

  • Practical implementations of machine learning I'm currently working on a project to use the possibilities of machine learning to improve persona clustering and leverage this into predictive models.
  • Project management I've worked in quite a few teams, but I would love to get better at managing/running a team!
  • Coding I love to code in my own spare time, but I'd love to become just a biiit more proficient in Javascript, Ruby, R and/or Python.

Stuff I'm great at

  • Introducing others to the wonders of data-driven marketing Be it team members, management or other stakeholders, I love showcasing what can be accomplished with practically applied data!
  • A/B testing Seeing how users interact with experiment really scratches a very rudimentary itch for me - it's the ultimate meeting between data and practice!
  • Analytics There's so. Much. Data. in any given project. I love sifting through it and reemerging with actionable insights.
  • Streamlining (marketing) processes and making them scalable Tools, so many tools! There's a tool for everything, and I'm quite adept and combining all of those into manageable workflows, making sure that working with them becomes easy and fun, and successes are reproducible and scalable!

I'd love to help you with:


Getting you all up-to-date with all the possibilities within online marketing


Optimizing your website - so it's a joy to use, measure and work with.

Online Data

Measuring: setting up KPI's, dashboarding and follow-up with actionable insights.


Stichting voor Vluchteling-Studenten UAF

SEO Audit

For the UAF, I volunteered to audit their site on their current SEO performance and potential. By applying both a deep dive into their site links and structure as well as an analysis of their actual content and presentation, I was able to deliver a step-by-step report with concrete steps for improvement - which proved informative for both their current online marketeers, as well as the rest of the company.

2018 - Now
Equipe Zorgbedrijven

Online Marketeer

My extensive experience with healthcare clients at ROQUIN provided a solid background to make the transition to a major private healthcare provider. At Equipe, I am responsible for any and all online activities that can improve awareness, acquisition, and retention. I oversee the online advertisement portfolio, off- and onsite funnel, user experience, CRO and periodical campaigns, for our three major brands.

2019 - 2020
Da Vinci Kliniek

Online Marketing Advice/Consultancy

My healthcare/marketing experience proved a perfect fit for Da Vinci Kliniek, a company in the middle of a major fusion and transition. I combined their website with that of the Instituut van Hyperbare Geneeskunde, keeping their Google rank intact, and aided in a variety of online campaigns and conversion optimization.

2014 - 2018
ROQUIN (now Proud Nerds)

Online Marketeer

As Online Marketeer within a Digital Agency, I was responsible for: - Translating client (and their client!) wishes into a practical website build plan. This included audience research, interviews, focus groups, analytics, and testing - Assisting during construction, which basically meant translating dev-speak into client-speak (and the other way around), setting up the technical side of analytics (KPI's, Tag Manager, heatmaps etc.) - Delivering on what was promised: assisting in or in some cases completely implementing the client's online marketing strategy into the new site, delivering periodical reports with insights and recommended actions. During my time at ROQUIN, I've had the pleasure to work for a large variety of clients, including major hospitals (CWZ, Gelderse Vallei, Beatrixziekenhuis).

2009 - 2014
Radboud University Nijmegen

Communication Sciences

Master: Media & Influence Thesis: Tweeting Your Way Into Parliament - About the cohesion between politicians, Twitter, and preferential votes.

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